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Interact with others, reflect on yourself and create a new you.

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I believe that the young people who will live in the coming age need to have comprehensive human abilities — the ability to find their own position in society while interacting with other people and society, maintaining a balance between themselves and others. I believe that this personal stance will be sought after in the coming age.

In light of this, Hakuoh University is an ideal institution for young people who have the potential to shape the future and are ready to take their first steps into society to develop their comprehensive abilities.

This is because Hakuoh University is located on the line connecting the capital city of Tochigi Prefecture and Tokyo, a region and a city, and also because the Main Campus is located in front of the busy JR Oyama shinkansen station, and the Daigyoji Campus is situated along the banks of the Omoi River, forming the opposite environment in the artifice and nature juxtaposition.

When people find themselves in a geographically or environmentally polarized place, they initially feel uneasy. To resolve this uneasiness, people seek to discover where they really are. That is why we are so fortunate to have our university here, a place where we can reflect on ourselves and discover a newly integrated self.

Hakuoh University has three faculties: the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Education. We can see that the roles of each of these faculties and the relationships between them build the human triangle that shapes society. The Faculty of Education deals with the mind and is the study of the inner man. The Faculty of Law is about rule-making, which shapes the world outside of a person. The Faculty of Business Administration asks how we reconcile the two and is seen as a discipline that integrates and manages the human mind and the rules of society.

The three faculties of our university are closely related to society, which has various synergistic effects on the students who study in each of them. I hope that you will explore your field of study here, expand your interactions with students from other faculties, meet with peers who have different ideas and backgrounds, and encourage each other's growth and development.

As young men and women, you are allowed to experiment and explore, to spread the wings of your imagination and, at times, to get lost and make mistakes. I hope that you will fully experience these things on this campus. I also hope that while learning about the new world of society and the things inside and outside of your mind. I hope that your humanity will mature, and that you will continue to improve your comprehensive abilities, which will aid your life in the future.

Osamu Kitayama, President
The sixth president of Hakuoh University. Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine.
After training at the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London and Maudsley Hospital and serving as a professor at Kyushu University's Faculty of Human-Environment Studies and Faculty of Medical Sciences, he became a professor at Hakuoh University in 2010 and Vice President in 2013. He assumed his current position in April 2021.